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But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. Malachi 4:2  
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ICF Church
1-4-4-47. Miyanosawa. Nishi-Ku. Sapporo, Hokkaido. JAPAN
 PHONE +81(011) 669-3038
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 ICF Small group introduction
Esther Group Leader: Makiko Jantzen

We are a group of housewives. Kita-ku, Higashi-ku gathers on Wednesdays, Toyohira, Shiroishi gathers on Thursdays, Shinkawa, Nishi-ku Yuki, Nishi-ku Midori gathers on Fridays, and we have Bible studies, testimonies and so on.
The average life span of Japanese Christian life after baptism is said to be around 2-3 years, but through weekly fellowship we look forward to a long Christian life. The food is also good, enjoyable and the fellowship is so powerful.

Angel Group Leader: Fumie Kado
We are a group for working ladies in their late 20’s to early 40’s (mainly single women, some married and working). As we have fun, study, prayer and fellowship, we encourage one another and try our best to shine Jesus’ light into the world.
We meet every 2nd Saturday from 6:30pm

Elijah Group Leader: Gerald Goodall
Elijah group is for the men in ICF church.
Once in a month, we gather at church and have fellowship.
We discuss about a theme on what men are interested to, have fun, or go to other places, and pray for one another.
At the Elijah Group are enjoy good coffee and fellowship. We usually meet at 1:15 - 2:15pm on the 4th Sunday.

Abigail Group Leader: Makiko Jantzen
Started from 2007 Fall, mainly for single mothers. We have mothers who are busy with work and childcare, divorce, trying to cover up the lost and so on, and support one another and share information to each other. We gather every 2nd Sunday afternoon. It’s a lot of fun.

CS (Sunday School) Preschool Leader: Toyomi Himi / Elementary school Leader: Masako Yamazaki
  Hello. We have around 30-40 Elementary schoolers in ICF church Sunday school every week. We would play games, listen to Bible stories, we learn sin and forgiveness, the Holy Spirit, Faith and God’s love and so on by praying.
We also have Children’s service twice a year (Easter and Christmas), a foreigner speaker teaching bilingual lesson in English (with an interpreter) once a month, and we will make a craft on Mother’s day and Father’s day with Preschoolers.
Sunday schools are held from around 11:30am (right after the worship) for about 45 minutes. Please come join us.

Worship team Leader: Makiko Jantzen
We currently have about 15 people. Mainly leading worship on Sunday worship and Friday prayer meeting. We have pro musician and amateur musicians, and have practice on Sunday afternoons. Though we have different music styles, we unite by the Holy Spirit, and it’s a great privilege to worship God.
By worship and prayer, we become a CITY SHAKERS!

ICF MassChoir Leader: Yuki Karthaus
ICF MassChoir is a Gospel Choir which was formed in March, 2000. We have Juniorhighs, workers, housewives and other generational members, and most are mothers so we have practice on Tuesdays from 7pm with babysitters. Through the church backup, we are able to learn the meaning of Gospel songs, and experience how wonderful it is to sing, and trying to express that. Also, pro musicians in ICF church play in the band so we have wonderful music. Our main activity is doing concerts or special worship at church, visiting schools and facilities, joining events or singing at a shopping mall and so on. We will spread the good news (Gospel) "You are precious and honored in my sight"!

ICF Gospel Hula Dance Team Leader: Susan Fujii
Ancient people in Hawaii believed that there is one God, God the heavenly father, the creator. They called God “Io” worshipped the Creator, and danced Hula for “Io”.
Which means the Hula dance was originally for God the father!
Don’t we seek healing, joy, and our hearts to be changed? Our Gospel dance can do that for you! We have on Sunday 2pm at Miyanosawa ICF church, Tuesday 10:30am at Ishikari HANA hiroba, Thursday 10:30am at Iwamizawa Zion church.
You can observe our class.
Please join us. We are looking forward to seeing you!

No dance teacher, not much a dancer housewife!?
Being led by the Lord, though it seemed that it won’t last long at first, we have been able to practice after Sunday service for 2 years.
We have cute girls from 6th grade to 3rd year Highschool students! Around 10 members.
Each one of us are pretty busy besides Sunday, so we practice right after the service or go to convenience store coming back late but joyfully we practice.
Up to this point we have done Children’ Christmas, collaboration with ICF MassChoir, Prayer Festival, Odori mission, etc, and we have been dancing all around.
I’m so thankful that the children have been continuing the dance without having a teacher.
I hope that they will enjoy the Lord, and that joy will pour out from the children through the dance worship.
Please pray that we would have a dance teacher, the leader, and that this team will be used by the Lord.
We invite teachers and assistants who wants to dance for Jesus!!!
  International Christian Fellowship Church
  1-4-4-47. Miyanosawa. Nishi-Ku Sapporo, Hokkaido. JAPAN 063-0051 PHONE +81(011) 669-3038