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But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. Malachi 4:2 @
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1-4-4-47. Miyanosawa. Nishi-Ku. Sapporo, Hokkaido. JAPAN
@PHONE +81(011) 669-3038
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@ICF Cell Group Introduction
Kita-ku, Ishikari Cell Group Leader: Takashi Yoshida
We take turns of our homes having cell group at Jimmie Iwahashi family, Kimiaki Hongo family, Gerald Goodall family.
With these family and the CFNJ Bible School students who love fellowshipping with families gather in our cell group.
Each time we have a lot of fun with ice breaker (games), fulfill our hearts with worship, encouraged by prayer, heart worming Bible study, eating finger licking food, and have fun again during the fellowship.
Our cell group area is Kita-ku, Sapporo and Ishikari. Neighbors please come by.

Higashi-ku Cell Group Leader: Brian Blevens
Once when nonbeliever joined Higashi-ku cell group, he said gItfs like relatives gathering and so fun.h I think thatfs totally right. There is joy and freedom. There are members who go home early, but sometimes we have members who enjoys talking till 10:30pm. There is just one problem. Everybody loves to eat. Every time itfs like a buffet. It seems like theyfre not understanding the Word gFor the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit,h yet. Please pray.

Minami-ku Cell Group Leader: Mr. & Mrs. Himi
We have two Christian family and other generations in Minami-ku cell group member. We have a lot of ladies good in hospitality, we enjoy the fellowship time surrounding the table with a lot of food. We bake special tube cake for birthday celebrations. Christmas in December is splendid.

Nishi-ku Kita Cell group Leader: Satoru Aita
Hello! We are Nishi-ku Kita cell group.
How many years has it been since Nishi-ku has parted. Wefre still growing and growing.
Anyhow we have a lot of children! A family who has 4, 5 children to who has twins and so on...
Generation wide, and have from single young people to retirement age couple. Also we also can study in English. gI just came to Japan and not really confident with language...h If thatfs you, no worries. We also have a simultaneous interpreter. (I mean though Argentinian leader is fluent in Japanese, he asks for an interpreter.) Plus, we have chilled to the bone pun service by our leader.
Every 4th week Saturday gathers around 5pm, after we sing praise, study and pray, we have a rich fellowship having food.
Itfs really gat-homeh feeling cell group. We are full of humor so if youfre thinking gAm I weird?h, you will be normal here! We also welcome who feels lonely. We welcome you with huge love.

Nishi-ku Minami Cell Group Leader: Olaf Karthaus
Hello! We are Nishi-ku MInami cell group.
We used to be gNishi-ku cell grouph before, but then the group became so big that we had to divide in 2. (Approx. divided in 2 rout 5 in between Northern part is )Nishi-ku Kita, Southern part is Nishi-ku Minami.) We have cell group every 4th week Saturday from 6:30pm, either gathering at Kfs House in Yamanote or Kfs house in Nishino. Since our leader is a German, we laugh so hard with miscommunications. The other day, the leader said gIs your feet still fat?h to one of the member who had injured his feet. What the leader really wanted to say was gIs your feet still swollen?h With that miscommunication, therefs misunderstanding Philippines and pastorfs wife saying a pun. I cannot say where is what, but this cell group is full of kind people. If you havenft laughed for awhile, come join our cell group. After we de studying and prayer, we have delicious dessert!

Toyohira-ku Cell Group Leader: Rumi Iwamoto
We start from 6pm every 4th week Saturday.
Every time we spend singing worship, prayer, fellowship having a fun time. Especially during fellowship, we have timely season food. In winter we have hot pot (mostly shabu-shabu) together by bringing ingredients. When wefre busy we bring ingredients and make oven sandwich, BBQ in summer etc... the menu are so many. This year instead of BBQ, we had Philippine Night. We brought ingredients together and the Philippines taught us their food. While cooking, the members became as one. Hallelujah!!!!! We had fun and tasteful time at Philippine Night.
I wrote a lot about eating, but also Toyohira-ku has Spiritual food too.

Shiroishi-ku/Atsubetsu-ku Cell Group Leader: Yoko Koma

Hello everyone!
We are Shiroishi/Atsubetsu cell group. We call our cell group "Shiroatsu". Our members are mainly between ages 30-40, but we also have elementary students and junior high students too.
We now have a lot of men in our cell group that the other day when we had hot pot with pork, men were surrounding the table.
I would say that it was beautiful.
Since we have many different kinds of people with unique backgrounds, comments given in once in a month cell group might be really good. (Or may not!?)
Whenever we pray, it feels like the temperature has gone up from 1-2.
It may seem that wefre unbound, but in the past when the church held a cell group match, most of the time we won the prize.
Also we put effort in cleaning the church together.
By having Christfs love at our motto, we will gather though we are sick or fine, be caring for others, constantly go forward toward new challenges, and have the place filled with laughter.

Teine-ku Cell Group Leader: Eunyoung Ito
Our cell group is having a fun time playing games, worship full of grace and Bible studies.
We experienced a lot of people who did not know God coming to our cell group then got baptized at church.
I thank God for His direction.
Teine-ku also provides Korean food.
With Korean food made by Korean ladies, the cell group becomes much more fun place.
I thank to all the members that they come to cell group with burden, and pray together.

Otaru Cell Group Leader: Toshiko Murakami
*Every 4th Saturday 7pm-9pm
*We gather once a month, surrounded by ocean, mountains, hills and historical buildings.
*Relaxed in gat-homeh atmosphere. We have around 10members, but in summer we do BBQ, and in winter we have hot pot, okonomi-yaki based on treasures of the sea in Otaru. (Everybody loves to eat & play)
*Everyone is welcome!!

Sunday Cell Group Leader: Toshiko Murakami
We gather at church on every last Sunday. This cell group is for those who cannot join Saturdays Cell group because of work and family.
Mostly are women, but men are also welcome.
From 1pm we have worship, Bible study, and prayer. Sometimes we focus on fellowship and have delicious food that we brought together, and play games.
If you hadnft joined the cell group yet, please come.
@ International Christian Fellowship Church
@ 1-4-4-47. Miyanosawa. Nishi-Ku Sapporo, Hokkaido. JAPAN 063-0051@PHONE +81(011)